Swift microwave treatment – questions and answers

The use of microwave energy is what makes a Swift microwave therapy treatment so quick. Swift delivers a precise, highly controlled energy dose to a pre-determined depth into the skin.

Who is most likely to benefit from the Swift treatment?

Swift is the latest treatment in the war against verrucae, or plantar warts. The treatment is mostly advocated for the age group 16 years and up, because it can have some pain associated with the application.

However, that pain is only for a couple of seconds, with no residual after effect.

How does Swift microwave therapy compare with other verrucae treatments?

Completed studies have shown a success rate of 75 per cent. Compared with many other modalities like Keratolytics, liquid nitrogen, dry needling and laser, that is a high percentage.

How many treatments will I need to completely remove a verruca?

The average is between one and four sessions. The number varies because of the age and severity of the verruca.

Is Swift microwave therapy treatment safe?

The treatment is completely safe, non-invasive and involves no breaking of the skin, as is the case with other treatments.

How does the Swift treatment work?

Swift uses microwave technology to destroy the cells and stimulate an immune response.