When you have foot pain, there’s no substitute for a proper diagnosis

Here at Footmech, we take pride in our approach to dealing with difficult, non responsive and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

As much as it pains me to say, going to the GP complaining of foot, leg, knee and hip pain may not lead to a satisfactory outcome. As the functional side of many of these conditions is not a GP’s area of expertise, they cannot realistically tell you what causes your pain.

Dr Google, also, can be equally culpable as we seek to find the answer to our pain on the net. This can be misleading, misdirected and the information one receives often not fit for purpose in individual cases. Of course that’s not to say it’s entirely useless, but it cannot give a holistic perspective to an individual’s causation of pain.

Every history is unique, every manifestation has an original cause. Hence the reason why, here at Footmech, we take care to find the story that is often long forgotten. Pain in the past, however, has a way of leaving a mark on our memory and it is remarkable how it can apply to the present. Therein lies the key to cure.

Footmech has had the privilege of approaching a condition not from the perspective of simply prescribing an orthotic. Many practices are quick to push these devices with little responsibility to what happens if it does not work, and often no idea why, because the starting point was to sell an orthotic.

Footmech always tries to fix the function first, and only if necessary prescribe an orthoses to assist the process. One of the advantages of this approach is that the prescription can be much less and therefore a more user friendly orthotic. Being able to fit in a shoe being important.

There of course will always be cases that present a challenge that cannot be dealt with by the approaches we have. It is our privilege to have Dan Grobler, a biokinetist from South Africa. Dan is, in my estimation, one of the most talented clinical diagnosticians and creative body fixers I have ever seen. He treats with techniques that have not even become mainstream yet. A useful man to fall back on.

And all available at Footmech Podiatry.