Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates


Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates
Proprietary blend of whole grain concentrates that provide cellular nutrition for energy and vitality*

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Key Benefits
Energizes your entire body by helping your cells function more efficiently.
Promotes efficient nutrient utilization needed for cardiovascular growth and development.
Our cells are surrounded by special membranes that allow nutrients to get in and waste to get out. If these cellular membranes are starved of vital nutrients (lipids and sterols), they become inflexible and can’t perform these critical functions. Whole grain lipids and sterols allow your cell membranes to become their flexible best, making it easier for nutrients to get in and waste to get out.*
PROVEN PERFORMANCE: It was shown in a Texas A&M University Study that when Tre-en-en is present in the diet, overall growth and development, nutrient utilization efficiency, and cardiovascular development improved.

Take 1-3 capsules daily with meals.


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