NeoLifeBar-Fruit & Nuts


NeoLifeBar-Fruit & Nuts
NeoLifeBar is a delicious, nutritious, all natural way to satisfy your hunger. It’s the anytime snack that’s great for the whole family. Healthy snacking can keep your appetite in check, increasing your chances for success while on a weight loss or weight management program.

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Key Benefits
NeoLifeBar is a delicious and nutritious snack bar that is rich in protein and fiber to help you feel fuller longer.

• 10g protein, 5g fiber, and omega-3s from flaxseed
• Glycemic Response Control Technology helps minimize fat storage and promote fat burning*

• Enjoy the delicious flavor, Fruit & Nuts!
• Rich source of protein and fiber from the NeoLife proprietary protein and fiber blend to help you feel fuller longer*
• Glycemic response controlled to keep blood sugar levels normal and steady*
• Fits perfectly in the NeoLife Weight Management Program as a healthy AM or PM snack!
• 10g protein, 5g fiber, and omega-3s from flaxseed
• 17 vitamins and minerals
• 100% Vegan
• No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives added
• No genetically modified (GMO) ingredients.
• Gluten free
• Dairy free
• Low sodium

Enjoy two bars per day as a healthy snack as part of the NeoLife Weight Management Program.


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